Sunday, 9 August 2015

Dresses.......... a girl's best friend

Dresses....... a girl's best friend

The beauty of a dress is that you have one base from which to work your outfit. Whether it is patterned or plain, one colour or more, it will be a central part of what you wear and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and what you are doing.
A fun and flowery dress can be dressed up with a smart jacket and heels or dressed down with a soft cardigan and flats. If you change to delicate sandals and a floaty wrap the outfit will take you into evening.
On the other hand a smart work dress can be worn with a jacket for business or dressed down with strappy heels and chunky jewellery for going out.

A well fitting dress gives you confidence. You can walk into a room and own it as you know you look amazing.  

My favourite shape of dress is a fitted mock wrap dress. They are perfect for my figure and hide a lot of sins

Wearing nice clothes makes you feel good; it makes you feel feminine and more confident in your physical appearance.  I am the first to admit that a good dress can make an amazing difference.
Dresses are my favourite item of clothing and teamed with the right accessories, a simple dress can be a brilliant statement piece.  A dress can be a splash of colour teamed with black tights, shoes or boots and a little cardigan or jacket. (my standard for work). I have an hour glass figure and find that the right dress can accentuate in all the right places.

Short dresses of the right style can be teamed with leggings and this makes them far more accessible for people who may be conscious of their legs. (Definitely me). Jumper dresses with leggings and a pair of nice boots is always nice for autumn and winter when you need more layers but don’t want to ditch the dresses.  Putting a long sleeved top under a dress with short sleeves can also make them far more versatile. I find a plain, black long sleeved top and a pair of black leggings and boots can really add mileage to your favourite dresses through the winter. Floaty dresses, however, should be kept for summer and jumper dresses for winter unless you are particularly inclined to be either hot or cold all year round.

The picture at the top of the page is a selection of my dresses. They don't photo that well on hangers so I have added some pics here of me in some of them. (apologies in advance for the model)

There are a lot of blogs devoted entirely to dresses and fashion in general and I love to do an on-line search and sit and read through them. Some are relevant to me  and some are not but it is very interesting to see other people's points of view and it is a good way to get ideas for outfits and styles.

Billie and Blossom at Dorothy Perkins has been a source of some of favourite dresses and more recently Mela Loves London at New Look, Next and House of Fraser.

 One of my favourite dresses is orange and purple and was £20 at  Camden Market. I have had loads of use out of it and it seems to have grown and shrunk with me :-) The shrug was a charity shop buy and matches perfectly.

 I could spend hours just adding pictures of my favourite dresses but that could get a little boring for everyone so I shall go and look at some fantastic dress blogs like A Million Dresses, and see what everyone else is wearing.  :-)