Saturday, 4 June 2016

My Filofax collection..... Blog Filofax set up.

Filofaxes have so many uses besides the normal diary/ address book set up. As a collector with quite a few planners in my collection, I have the luxury of using different ones for different purposes.

The planners I want to talk about today are the ones I use for my blog. I have one two identical black A5 Filofaxes which my daughter was given at a clearance at a previous firm she worked at. I believe that they are Metropol’s but it does not say. There is a small black embossed logo on the front of each one but it doesn't notice. (In the front it says Filofax A5 organiser deluxe leather)

I would have liked orange Filofaxes for my blog notes but am using what I have and have added an orange, striped coffee cup charm to each one. They are each made from mobile phone charm cords from the craft shop and a tiny china mug which I ordered on-line

I started with one but soon separated into both Filofaxes as I print a copy of each post. I know it’s an on line blog but I like to have a printed copy. That is just me I suppose. I print on A5, punch the holes down the short side and fold over.

The other organiser is full of notes, diary inserts of my posts and ideas. I have a Paperchase, week on two pages diary and write the name of the blog post on the date it was published.

Some of my blog post ideas are on a list and some are scraps of paper half written and tucked in the front. I sometimes brainstorm and come up with potential ideas for my rather diverse blog. Other times I just start typing or writing and thinking about it as I go along.

The A5 dividers have are particularly nice and very eclectic, so go well with my blog. I bought them on-line a few years ago from very nice lady with a little business making planner accessories. I can’t find her now but the dividers are rather good.

I also have an A5 personal flex in purple which I take to Nero’s coffee shop to write in. For some reason their atmosphere is very conducive to writing. (They do a mean cappuccino cake too)

I do have blog business cards that I give out to people who ask where they can find the blog. These are good for a bit of self promotion and they fit nicely into the front card slots of my blog Filofax.



  1. Hello Sara, I like your blog colour scheme and your writing. Did you know that the Filofax Metropol is a faux leather cover binder? Therefore the two you've got from your daughter might come of the Filofax professional line which I believe has been discontinued by the modern Letts Filofax Company. Furthermore happy writing and blogging bliss :-)

  2. And by the way, I also use several ring binders in various sizes for different purposes whilst sticking to a compact FF as my daily planner. In comparison to my Midori Traveler's Notebook I love the versatility that a loose leave system offers for organising all sorts of planning and studying needs as well as for lovely hobby organisers.