Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 Filofax/ Planner Diary Inserts.

Every planner/Filofax user will tell you that the inserts they use are very important to them.  The most important insert is, of course, the diary.

There are so many different types to choose from and they range from the original Filofax brand through to the cheap, barely known brands that you can buy online. Of course there are many other brands and Etsy has a large range of handmade inserts all in different designs. If you follow the Philofaxy blog you will know that they also do a brilliant range of inserts which are easy to use and easy to adapt with your own personal touches.

This year I discovered that Paperchase is no longer doing their diary inserts. (I was told this in my local store and checked online. Sadly my email to Paperchase was not answered.) I decided to look on Amazon and find the 3 different diaries I needed.

My personal diary/planner is a pocket size which I can carry with me. For this I chose a Collins diary insert. This is a week on two pages and I use it in conjunction with a page, half page or post it note inserted for urgent reminders. I like the clean lines and uncluttered look of the Collins diary and the obvious demarcation of the days. I also have a section in the front with “to do” pages which I check every day. The Collins paper is nice to write on and not too thick. As I carry this one with me I don't want to make it heavier than necessary.

Week on two pages pocket size from Collins.

For my A5 work Filofax I ordered an unknown (to me) brand, NBplanner. A week on one page is enough as, once again, I also use a “to do” section and lists so that I don’t forget anything. The NB paper is not the best paper but still perfectly fine for my work Filofax.  I also use two fold out vertical year planners from Filofax for various sets of dates that I need to keep for work. This saves space on the daily diary pages and means I can look up certain things in one place. 

NB planner A5 week on a page.
Filofax vertical year planner.

My final set of diary inserts is for my A5 Blog Filofax. I like to record what posts I have done, when I  have posted them, etc. I decided to splash out of a Filofax Stripes refill pack. I did get this on offer on Amazon and wanted to see what it was like. The paper quality is good and I like the bold design. Each month has a different colour and there are also separate plain or lined pages too.

I don't think I really need a week on two pages for my blog diary, so next year I will probably go for a week per page. I do also have a planning section so do not use the diary for this as I make pages of notes when I plan.

Filofax A5 Stripes

Two different months

Various pages from the Stripes pack.
As I use a fair few “to do” pages, I decided to use some from the fabulous Philofaxy inserts and change them to suit me. The free downloadable files on the Philofaxy blog are so useful and there are many different ones to choose from. I print on A4 and cut to size and can get 4 pocket size pages from one.

For Christmas lists I added gingerbread men down the sides and  for general use I added orange flowers. I will probably make various other ones depending on my mood, but this was a good start. It has also encouraged me to experiment more with the files on Philofaxy.


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