Sunday, 30 April 2017

That's Entertainment. ..... Gig review for Ghosts-Spirit of the Jam.

I went to a 3 band event at the Star in Guildford last night and was exceptionally privileged to see the first gig by a fantastic new group. Ghosts - the Spirit of the Jam. I went purposely because I was aware there was a Jam tribute band playing, but this Woking girl was blown away by the phenomenal set by these fabulous guys.

Lloyd Grey, the main singer (also on guitar) did Paul Weller proud with his amazing vocals and obvious passion for the music of this iconic band. He has the perfect vocal for the mod music which shaped a generation.

Sporting a cool mod shirt and the energy of a twenty year old, bass player and backing vocalist Peter Firmo was a true pro playing songs like Town Called Malice and Going Underground with effortless style.

Si Kominski on guitar and backing vocals and Pablo Paganotto on drums completed this fabulous, lively and passionate band. You could see how much the music meant to them as they covered songs like Eton Rifles, Ghosts and When You’re Young.

They sprinkled the performance with touches of humour and humility in regard to it being their first live performance together as Ghosts- Spirit of the Jam, but they came across as a band that have been performing these songs for years.

Si and Peter are also band mates in The Common Heroes (another brilliant band) and Si and Lloyd are ex band mates from a previous band. Their combined love of the music of the Jam has bought them together, not to copy the Jam but to bring their music to old Jam fans and introduce it to young audiences.

Peter Firmo has told me that they wanted to “capture the passion and energy that the Jam injected into their music.” I can assure them they did, big time. These four musicians, who, incidentally, do not have an archetypal mod look, put as much passion and energy into their set as the Jam themselves and this came through in their fabulous performance. I think the fact that they do not sport the hairstyles and clothes of the Jam in no way detracts from their amazing performance and, in a strange way, makes it better.

Ghosts are hoping to be gigging regularly and may pop up at a few festivals too. I shall be happy to advertise any up and coming gigs when I hear about them and will definitely be attending any in the area. This is a band which you must go and see.

Thank you to Peter Firmo for the band info.

Gig reviews.... where to find them.

Gig reviews.... where to find them.

My blog is rather eclectic, I write about things that interest me. One of the things I do like to write are reviews of pub gigs.
Listed below are the ones I have done so far. All you have to do is type the name of the post in the search bar and you will find it.

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(7)            That’s Entertainment
Ghosts –The Spirit of The Jam
Sadly I wasn’t writing a blog when I last saw my favourite live performer play (Dad). If we can get him to do a public gig (not all these private ones), he will get a review too.
Finally, I am hoping to write a review on a fabulous band I saw last night, so watch this space.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Midnight Walk 2017.... Sara's page for Woking Hospice on MyDonate

Midnight Walk 2017.... Sara's page for Woking Hospice on MyDonate

Midnight Walk for Woking Hospice

For the first time this year I am joining in with the many lovely local women who walk the 10 kilometre Midnight Walk to raise money for the Woking Hospice.

Woking Hospice is a very worthy charity that needs lots of money to run it. It is a vital part of any town to have a hospice where terminally ill people can spend their last weeks or days being cared for by professional, kind people in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The people, who work in Woking Hospice, and the Hospices in other towns, are remarkable people who selflessly look after patients who are too ill to be at home but do not want to die in a hospital. They also look after relatives who have to deal with the fact that their loved ones are dying.

The link above the title at the top of the page will take you to my fundraising page. if you wish to donate any amount helps. Every £1 donated is worth it and, if you are a taxpayer, it is worth even more.

Thank you, in advance, to anyone who donates to this very worthy cause. 

Purple Sunglasses and Jackboots.

Purple Sunglasses and Jackboots.

I am currently losing weight so am regularly checking what fits and what doesn’t. I have given away and given to charity anything that is too big or doesn’t suit me anymore. I have a few pieces that are nearly the right size and the rest I can wear now.  Weather permitting of course. Saying that, I was out very recently wearing my purple sunglasses and my knee high, black leather boots (hence the title) because it was sunny but still cool enough to wear boots. A funny look but I don’t think the fashion police noticed. I have very eclectic taste in clothes so like what I like regardless.

I was trying jackets on when I took these pictures recently and also tried some combinations with dresses, tops and jackets. No one wants to see me prancing around in various outfits like a weeblesque dwarf let loose in a second hand clothes shop, so Bob the Mannequin has kindly stepped in. (Well, more of a drag than a step.)

This is my fabulous £2.99 scarf from Trespass. It was a bargain as it was reduced from £12. It’s warm, but not too thick and it’s a good length too. Don’t worry I always wear mine with clothes, unlike Bob who is obviously a bit of a tart?

The scarf goes very well with my denim jacket. This is my go to at weekends when it’s not really cold. Denim goes with so much so I can wear it with leggings, boots and a long top or throw over a casual dress.  

I do have a rather lovely orange H&M jacket that I could wear in 2014 but it is slightly too small right now. Again it goes well with the Trespass scarf and can be worn with jeans or a dress. (This jacket was a £4 charity shop bargain)


Another jacket that I can nearly squeeze into is a New Look, trench style rain coat in a navy and white spot. It is definitely worth losing weight to get back into and versatile over work or weekend wear. Also, I got a little flecked Mexx jacket in a clothes swap last year and it is also in my slim into section and will be fabulous for work. 

One dress I could get back into recently was my Mela Loves London dress. This is a summer dress but also works well with a black, long sleeved top and black tights worn underneath. The belt detail is different and cinches the waist in nicely for a flattering shape. I am lucky to have the navy blue, as pictured, the black and the navy blue in a different pattern. It can also be worn as a summer work dress without the long top and tights. I do love versatile clothes.

One of my current favourite long tops to wear with leggings is this blue/purple toned, Next top. I wear it over leggings with the aforementioned leather boots and my denim jacket. It is a good casual look and the top is a flattering shape. Again, this is one of my charity shop buys.

The next dress was a knock down bargain from Dorothy Perkins. I will probably save it for the winter with thick black tights and knee length boots. It has a sixties vibe which I really love and a black jacket would make it suitable for work. I love the pocket detail on this dress, it is the little touches that make an outfit.

On a recent trip to the charity shop I ended up with 2 bargains. A French Connection dress and a Ralph Lauren Jacket. I got the pair for under £10. Bob and I both decided to model this outfit, she totally rocks it....I need to drop a few more pounds.

Finally, my gorgeous new dresses from Asda. I am a classy bird and get my clothes in all the best places. These were £16 each and are just flattering and comfortable. They are work or going out dresses depending on my mood.

 I don't differentiate too much between what kind of clothes are for what kind of occasions, if it seems remotely suitable, I will wear it. Sometimes it won't seem suitable at all and I still wear it. I don't think the fashion police are heavily armed but I am sure the armchair fashion critics would have something to say. I believe you should wear what you like, what you feel comfortable in and what suits you.

Some people can pull off the sunglasses and boots look, some can't.☺

Monday, 10 April 2017

Blog update 10.04.2017

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I promise to catch up soon.

Coming soon: “Purple Sunglasses and Jackboots”