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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Purple Sunglasses and Jackboots.

Purple Sunglasses and Jackboots.

I am currently losing weight so am regularly checking what fits and what doesn’t. I have given away and given to charity anything that is too big or doesn’t suit me anymore. I have a few pieces that are nearly the right size and the rest I can wear now.  Weather permitting of course. Saying that, I was out very recently wearing my purple sunglasses and my knee high, black leather boots (hence the title) because it was sunny but still cool enough to wear boots. A funny look but I don’t think the fashion police noticed. I have very eclectic taste in clothes so like what I like regardless.

I was trying jackets on when I took these pictures recently and also tried some combinations with dresses, tops and jackets. No one wants to see me prancing around in various outfits like a weeblesque dwarf let loose in a second hand clothes shop, so Bob the Mannequin has kindly stepped in. (Well, more of a drag than a step.)

This is my fabulous £2.99 scarf from Trespass. It was a bargain as it was reduced from £12. It’s warm, but not too thick and it’s a good length too. Don’t worry I always wear mine with clothes, unlike Bob who is obviously a bit of a tart?

The scarf goes very well with my denim jacket. This is my go to at weekends when it’s not really cold. Denim goes with so much so I can wear it with leggings, boots and a long top or throw over a casual dress.  

I do have a rather lovely orange H&M jacket that I could wear in 2014 but it is slightly too small right now. Again it goes well with the Trespass scarf and can be worn with jeans or a dress. (This jacket was a £4 charity shop bargain)


Another jacket that I can nearly squeeze into is a New Look, trench style rain coat in a navy and white spot. It is definitely worth losing weight to get back into and versatile over work or weekend wear. Also, I got a little flecked Mexx jacket in a clothes swap last year and it is also in my slim into section and will be fabulous for work. 

One dress I could get back into recently was my Mela Loves London dress. This is a summer dress but also works well with a black, long sleeved top and black tights worn underneath. The belt detail is different and cinches the waist in nicely for a flattering shape. I am lucky to have the navy blue, as pictured, the black and the navy blue in a different pattern. It can also be worn as a summer work dress without the long top and tights. I do love versatile clothes.

One of my current favourite long tops to wear with leggings is this blue/purple toned, Next top. I wear it over leggings with the aforementioned leather boots and my denim jacket. It is a good casual look and the top is a flattering shape. Again, this is one of my charity shop buys.

The next dress was a knock down bargain from Dorothy Perkins. I will probably save it for the winter with thick black tights and knee length boots. It has a sixties vibe which I really love and a black jacket would make it suitable for work. I love the pocket detail on this dress, it is the little touches that make an outfit.

On a recent trip to the charity shop I ended up with 2 bargains. A French Connection dress and a Ralph Lauren Jacket. I got the pair for under £10. Bob and I both decided to model this outfit, she totally rocks it....I need to drop a few more pounds.

Finally, my gorgeous new dresses from Asda. I am a classy bird and get my clothes in all the best places. These were £16 each and are just flattering and comfortable. They are work or going out dresses depending on my mood.

 I don't differentiate too much between what kind of clothes are for what kind of occasions, if it seems remotely suitable, I will wear it. Sometimes it won't seem suitable at all and I still wear it. I don't think the fashion police are heavily armed but I am sure the armchair fashion critics would have something to say. I believe you should wear what you like, what you feel comfortable in and what suits you.

Some people can pull off the sunglasses and boots look, some can't.☺