Monday, 12 September 2016

Brush Demon.......let the paint flow.

Hidden away in the depths of Somerset is a small company which paints war gaming miniatures and box art for war gaming products.

Brush Demon is a fabulous company with very high standards and a meticulous eye for detail. The founder member of the company, 28 year old Ben MacIntyre spends long hours at the painting table as well as sharing his passion with others while teaching at occasional painting workshops. Client meetings, marketing and training take up the rest of his time.

Brush Demon was born in the summer of 2014 after Ben had been painting as a hobby and as a job for other companies for over ten years. (Including a stint working in the industry leading company Games Workshop during and after his college years.) He decided to start his own company to paint miniatures as there was a demand for painted figures of a high standard for both the manufacturers of these products and their end users. Not everyone has the time or ability to achieve the level of painting they require at the games table.

Brush Demon offers multiple levels of painting standard depending on what the client requires. A man who uses his figures regularly at the gaming table will not need the top standard of painting which a company who sells the product will request, however the lowest standard that Brush Demon produces is still far superior to that of the average person painting his/her collection as a hobby.
The painting levels are as follows:

Tabletop level: “A simple yet effective paint job allowing you to get great looking armies on the tabletop in a quick and cost effective way.”
Collector’s level: “High quality paint jobs equally suited to life on the gaming table or in the display cabinet.”
Showcase level: “The best of the best. These take pride of place in your cabinet and only come out for special occasions.”

The beginning stages

I recently visited Ben in the Brush Demon painting studio and saw the meticulous detail that was involved in painting a figure. As well as a huge collection of paints and painting paraphernalia there are two big bookcases full of reference material which has been collected over the years. No detail is too small and Ben works with the client to ensure that they get exactly what they want.

The Brush Demon studio.

Brush Demon takes on commissions from individual clients and bigger companies too. They also have worked on product ranges associated with a variety of film, TV and computer games licences. There are numerous magazines and books worldwide in which work from Brush Demon has been published including popular magazines such as White Dwarf and also many pieces of box art also featuring their work.

A recent feature in White Dwarf magazine....... always good to be featured in print.
Having witnessed some painting in the Brush Demon painting studio, I can say that the painstaking attention to detail is amazing. The techniques used to create the layers of paint are so fine but add colour, definition, shading and detail that create a precise and realistic figure. (OK, some are more fantasy than realism but they are still painted beautifully.) As well as the usual smaller models, Brush Demon also takes on larger commissions and regularly paints large sets of models too. The patience and care needed to paint miniatures to such an exacting standard takes hours of preparation and dedication. Whatever the challenge Brush Demon will take on the challenge and “let the paint flow”

Just a small selection of Brush Demon work.

There is not much time for recreational painting when you do it for a living but recently  Ben put down his business paintbrush to paint a piece for The Age of Sigmar open day at Warhammer World. Ben's piece in the duel category won him a Bronze Golden Demon. Fabulous result!

The winning model and the bronze golden demon statue.

Brush Demon has a fabulous website

Brush Demon Facebook page is also easily accessible and there is a link from the website.

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