Sunday, 23 October 2016

Rock it Billy........and his two mates of course.

The amazing Billy 2 Mates blew the sky apart above O’Neill’s pub in Woking on Friday night with a fantastic rock set. 

Proving one hundred percent, that live musicians still rock, were Billy Irvine on lead guitar and vocals, Vic Cox on bass and vocals and Daryl Patto on drums.

In an extremely professional, energetic performance, Billy 2 Mates blasted out music from The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Oasis, Jimi Hendrix, Paulo Nutini, The Killers, Blur, Stevie Wonder, The Stereophonics,  Royal Blood and more. The crowd in O’Neill’s were on their feet and filled the dance floor rapidly as the infectious, enthusiastic sound from these three accomplished musicians belted out across the pub in an electric performance that would rival, if not knock out quite a lot of the so called performers we see in the charts these days.

The powerful, foot tapping beat, accomplished rock guitars and brilliant rapport with the audience helped this effortless performance go from being a band playing in the pub on a Friday night to a total, full on, gig experience.

A lot can be said for a band that gels so well and performs so passionately with obvious technical skill. In an age where people want a quick fix to stardom it is refreshing to see a group of guys who perform because they love what they do and they do it so well.

Billy is an old school mate and I can say that he has a lot more than 2 mates. Whether it is family, friends or the old school gang, everyone who came to watch the band perform had a blast. I totally recommend this fabulous band to any music lover.

For anyone who does not get the musical reference in the title please go onto You Tube and look up the song Rock It Billy  by singer T Graham Brown.

Billy 2 Mates in action ( apologies for the photography)

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