Thursday, 8 December 2016

What's In The Jar?

What’s in the jar?  These were the words I commented when seeing a picture, on a selling site, of an unlabelled jar of yellow gloop. Now common sense says it is honey, the caption said it was honey......I am not so sure.

 I saw the offending article by accident, on Facebook market or whatever they call it. This was purely accidental as I pressed the wrong button and, for some inexplicable reason, this site has its own Facebook button! This prompted me to look for other weird items on the aforementioned site........there were quite a few.

Firstly, £5 notes. Why are the new £5 notes being put up for sale for stupid amounts of money? Are people that greedy and desperate to make money that they will try to sell the new £5 notes? I am sure someone will want them but will they really want to pay so much? The first handful may have been worth something but I do feel it has got out of hand.

What makes people try to sell a grimy old sofa? A good condition sofa I can understand, a grimy dated looking sofa.......I don’t think they will make much money.  Quite a few worn leather sofas appear to be up for sale and a lot of corner sofas...... maybe families want to sit separately again. What made anyone buy a silver sparkly sofa I cannot imagine; but they are now selling it.

The same goes for shabby clothes. Some of the things I have seen would be turned down by the rag man. Just because you want to get rid of some old tat does not mean that anyone wants it. Just because you, at some time, decided a shiny, luminous tracksuit was a good idea, does not mean anyone else will. Also, modelling the item is not always the best idea because if it looks bad on you, it won’t sell. Presumably if it looked good on you it would not be for sale.

Sweet and diet products seem to be sold under the miscellaneous section, I personally think they should go under the “wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole” section along with the urine stained mattresses and the pressure sore cushion. The white thigh high boots with dubious streaks can also go in this category.

There are some things that seem unlikely and far too good to be true. Who would sell an unopened Samsung Galaxy Edge for £1? Or, at the other end of the scale, ask £400 for an Iphone 5S when the 7 has been released? 

To be honest if you are selling something for literally a few pounds, why not be generous and give it to a charity shop? Is it really worth all the hassle to sell it and will anyone decide to make the effort to go to your house to collect it?

What's in the jar???


  1. If something looks too good to be true then it most probably is!

    In planner terms I recently missed out on a vintage Filofax that was advertised at £15, within less than a week the same item was back Ebay with a starting price of £60 and now UK only... Naturally I will not be bidding!

  2. You are right Steve, some of the prices are unbelievable ( in both directions). I have never bid on eBay as I don't trust people to be honest.