Sunday, 29 May 2016

My Dad’s Guest Rant

The following rant, for want of a better word, is from my Dad. I am amazed at how our writing styles are so similar. I think this may be where I get my sarcastic, stroppy side. J

I know I'm too old to really understand texting: the buttons are too small, my
eyesight is not great, and I insist on all the spelling, spacing and punctuation
being correct, so I often acknowledge incoming texts with just “OK”.
So can anyone tell me why predictive text replaces my “OK” with “MONKL”?
It’s not an English word; I have never texted it before; “OK” doesn't even start
with an M; so why would it predict that I wanted a word that doesn't even exist?

I know it’s all done by computer algorithm, but someone must have been paid to
programme it and thought MONKL was a good idea. That’s madness.
If anyone is passing my house, walk fast, because a phone could fly through the
window any minute now.   

Contributed by Paul Morehead.

1 comment:

  1. Check the predictive text language. Also only press the respective keys once not the normal multiple times you would if predictive text was turned off.