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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Summertime....... why she and I do not get on.

Well that’s blown it! Summer is arriving at a sprint and my diet has gone horribly wrong........ I have put on eight pounds. I am not entirely sure how that happened but it has and needs to be rectified immediately. Summer clothes are not forgiving. Floaty dresses don’t float if you are fat..... FACT! Showing your arms is not good when they have expanded and who wants to see someone carrying a few (quite a few) extra pounds and wearing something skimpy.

To be honest summer is not my favourite season for several reasons. Firstly I get hay fever and no one can look or feel good with a snotty nose and streaming red eyes. Secondly I burn after thirty seconds in the sun so have to immerse myself in factor 50. My legs will NEVER change colour......fact! Last time I got my legs out an anaemic snowman laughed at me. (Seriously).

The heat and I do not agree with each other no matter how much water I drink. I don’t really sweat I just get hotter and hotter and go red and overheat. Coupled with the runny nose, streaming eyes and white legs you are probably starting to paint a picture in your head now.

So summer is the time to put on your flip flops and enjoy life without boots, coats, hats and umbrellas. Personally I would get rid of all the above apart from the boots. I have osteoarthritis in one foot and they are the most comfortable thing I can wear. This is sad as I do, like many others, love to slip on a pair of flip flops on a summer day.

So I think we should re cap how I will look this summer.  I will be overweight, dragging my dodgy ankle, nose running, eyes streaming, a bright red face and smothered in factor 50. Well putting it that way I am quite a catch. J

Me on the beach at Chideock.....

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