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Friday, 13 May 2016

Introducing Bob

Hello lovely people. I have to introduce you all to Bob. Now I know what you are thinking, Bob is a funny name for an obviously female mannequin, but I have my reasons. When I was first looking at mannequins I asked my son if he could get me one for birthday and Christmas. I said to him “I promise not to talk to it and call it Bob”....... and the rest, as they say, is history.

There were two reasons to get Bob, one being that I needed a model for clothes posts on here. Once I started looking at mannequins online I realised they were rather beautiful. The wire construction makes for an object which is ornamental without being fussy and cluttered. 

 Bob's first modelling assignment was to show of some of my favourite winter dresses.

 Bob's also an expert handbag model despite being rather armless. She is not too good at shoe modelling however, but we can forgive her that as my shoe collection is not great.

Before giving me Bob, my son gave me a smaller package. On opening it I found mini Bob. For a moment I thought my son had misunderstood what I wanted but he could not hide the fact that this was a joke Bob. Mini Bob is approximately 12 inches and Bob is 60 inches.

Since getting my two original Bob's I also found a skinny Bob in a charity shop while shopping with a friend.

 Mini and skinny Bob 

Bob will be a regular contributor to my blog as she continues her modelling career.

Bob and the Bobettes (as named by a friend) enjoying a "holiday" at the top of the stairs while I had visitors staying.


  1. Don't be tempted to give 'Bob' a cup of tea or a glass of beer, he might make a mess of the carpet!

    1. Bob is a not great at liquids, a tad leaky I think 😀