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Monday, 22 September 2014

My weight and sugar........I have won the battle, now to win the war!

Weight loss has been a  massive issue with me for many years. Gone are the days when I just eat what I want and think nothing of it.  I was in my early twenties when I first realised I had a problem with food and it has been with me ever since. I have been fat, slim and been a normal weight. I have tried different diets and also had an eating disorder. I have attended specialist clinics and I have paid for hypnotism. I had my gallbladder  removed when I was 30  as my gallstones were so bad. ( I have since found out they are  hereditary on both sides of my family)
Eating problems and weight issues do seem to have an effect on those around you which is another reason to keep a healthy attitude to food and, especially, weight.

Last year I lost 20 pounds after being hypnotised at a private clinic in Guildford. This cost me £160 for the first two appointments but it was worth it. He seemed to get to the root of my eating problems and sorted my mind. Sadly, after 6 months of weight loss, healthy eating and  a positive mindset, I started the bad eating habits again. There were a few triggers and my mind just seemed to over ride what I had gained from the hypnotism.  Within 4 months I had gained 17 pounds back and was eating ridiculous amounts of cakes and chocolate until I felt ill. Sadly hypnotism did not work this time.

Three and a half weeks ago I was stuck in bed with a flu type bug and had no sugary food in the house. After 3 days without cakes, chocolate, biscuits, puddings etc, I decided to see if I could keep it up.    24 days later no treats  have passed my lips and I have lost 12 pounds in weight. From somewhere I have pulled in some will power, but I have absolutely no idea where from. I have also been using techniques that I learned when I was hypnotised and just trying to eat as healthily as possible. My appetite has shrunk and I feel so much healthier without the sugar.

I am eating quite a bit of fruit, which I know has natural sugar and have had jam on my toast a few times, but all the processed, sugary, fatty foods are gone. No bingeing on cake or biscuits, no buying multi packs of chocolate because they are cheaper and then eating it all and no nipping into Greggs after a bad day at work and buying buns. I am eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains and some meat. I have been eating healthy meals for years but my portion sizes are smaller and I am not hungry.
It is a great feeling not to feel bloated and heavy and being able to get back in to certain clothes is such a good feeling. The lack of sugar has given me more energy  so I am moving more and burning even more calories. I am hoping this is not temporary, I need to keep up the momentum.

If I could bottle the willpower I have right now I would be a very rich woman. As I can’t I shall just keep boring everyone round me and hope that someone is motivated enough to find their inner will power too and hope I can keep motivating my self to continue at the same time. :-)

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