Monday, 11 January 2016

My Filofax diary set up

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my slight obsession with Filofaxes. This post is to show my day to day set up in the Filofax I carry everywhere with me and should be interesting to my friends in the Filofax community. Everyone else may find it interesting, even if they don't admit it :-)

I have Filofaxes for various things, addresses, financial etc but I carry my diary in my everyday Filofax which is my personal, purple, patent original. I have been using this as my main planner for over a year and it still looks good

The front of my planner holds pens, post it notes and a home made flyleaf.

I have a few of my blog cards in a card holder near the front of my planner.

My diary is a week on 2 pages from Paperchase with a half page insert for extra to do notes. This works well for me as some things can be done any time in the week. The Paperchase inserts are clear but also pretty. I use extra stickers to mark certain things. For example, scales for weight, coffee cup for meeting friends for coffee and various other stickers that I make using clip art.

I keep a basic book list of authors and books I want to read in my Filofax so that when I am in the library or a bookshop I can check whether there are books I want to buy. My memory is awful  and I know I won't never keep them all in my head.

In my Filofax there are various pages of information  including local library opening times and also a short list of positive phrases. There is a  place for notes and a small notepad in the back.The superheroes postcard came from Paperchase and I use it as a divider. I also have various diet related pages to track my eating.
I carry only the things I think I need and do need when out and about and can change things as and when I want. The luxury of a ring bound planner system is that you can add and remove whatever you need.
Despite the 1980's comments and jokes I receive regularly, the ring bound planner is perfect for me and also for many others. It is a really good system for keeping organized and in control.

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