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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Why the Colour Orange? ……………. How I Named My Blog

I have always been a red, black, purple and blue kind of a girl and as a child blue was my favourite colour. However, a few months ago I got hooked on the colour orange.

I love my orange dress and plan to update my wardrobe with some more orange pieces when I need more clothes. I won’t go for the head to toe tango look and I cannot wear wishy washy peach tones, but a few good, vibrant orange pieces would be rather nice.

To be honest I am also leaning towards the orange accents in stationery too. Paper clips and post it notes in orange have come up in the sales recently and I am happy to see that Paperchase has an orange range of stationery in now. My Filofax “unicorn” is an orange A5 Finsbury, rather elusive but I hope to find one eventually.

So to the origins of my blog name. Originally I was going to call it “The Girl in the Orange Dress” but sadly I discovered there was a book, and an internet link to the book, of the same name. I wanted a name which didn't reflect just one thing that I wanted to write about as I didn't want to be tied to one subject. My feeling was that by allowing myself to write about whatever I chose I gave myself a larger prospective audience and a more interesting range of subjects. Restricting myself would be counter productive as I have far too much to say about so many subjects.

I chose to put coffee in the title purely because it is my favourite drink and I was born in 1969 so added that in too. Throwing the three random things together gave me a unique blog name without narrowing my field of subjects and hopefully draws in readers as they do not know what to expect.

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