Monday, 10 November 2014

Filofax..... My collection

I love Filofaxes and I am not bothered by the eighties and yuppi labels they bring with them. It is easy for people to see them in this way and ridicule this organisational obsession. The main reason I like them is that you can be ultra organised in your own way, mistakes can be rectified and they are, to be honest, beautiful things. There are so many designs, colours and materials used and insert  possibilities are endless.

This is my current favourite Filofax. It is a personal., purple, patent Original. My diary and day to day planning is in here and it goes everywhere with me.  I have a homemade, laminated flyleaf,  my diary, a list of numbers in case my phone goes wrong and sections for things I am currently planning. There is always spare paper, stickers, sticky notes and 2 pens in my planner. I use Paperchase  week on 2 pages as the layout is clear and uncluttred.

I do have a large collection of Filofaxes which I have collected over time and they all have their uses. All my family and friends have given me various Filofax gifts before and they are all lovely. 

There is a fantastic online community , mainly based around the Philofaxy blog and Facebook group, where you can discuss every aspect and possibility of Filofaxes. People from all over the world and from all walks of life  are users of either the Filofax system or a similar one. ( Van der Spek, Franklin Covey, Kiki K, Gillio, etc)

My collection also currently includes a red, pocket, zipped pennybridge as my wallet, a black A5 metropol as my blog notes Filo, a personal red butterfly for all my writing notes, a personal, ochre malden for financial, a purple, compact saffiano for health and beauty notes,  a purple, personal songbird for addresses, a blue personal domino for home notes, a personal heart which was for food lists but currently am not keeping a food diary, an old black patent personal for last year's diary,  a burgundy deskfax for Fiofax related information,  a pocket denim for listing websites and blogs, a grey pocket sketch for birthdays and other occasion planning, an un branded, black , leather pocket size for log in info, hints to passwords etc,  a mini metropol for interesting words and 2 pocket petals, an aqua pocket finsbury and a pocket spot, all with book and reading notes.
There are 12 other Filofaxes all  used for storage too. 

I will be doing various blog posts in the future on individual set ups for my different use planners but this is a little taster of my collection. 

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  1. I have been very lucky with being given planners and getting second-hand ones.