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Monday, 25 April 2016

Dear Diary.... Thoughts for the day :-) 25.04.2016


My thoughts for the day:

·        Why does no-one ever attempt to join in with a flash mob as if they should be there? They could totally dance the wrong steps and mess it up. Who would know apart from the dancers themselves???

·        I wish I could draw, especially cartoons. There are so many funny ideas in my head. If I could draw I would be a brilliant cartoonist.

·        Am I the only person who has not yet seen Game of Thrones? The name makes me think of an elaborate chess game using dwarves. (I know there is a dwarf in it). I have also heard there is a lot of death and incest...... sounds like a riot. Not too good at watching a whole series so will probably give GOT a miss.

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