Sunday, 1 January 2017

Should auld acquaintance be forgot..........not when they sing like Jon-Paul Bradshaw!

We saw the New Year in with our fabulous, funny, local born performer, Jon-Paul Bradshaw. As always JP’s night included his amazing, flawless vocals with songs from the 1960s to the present day; a fabulous DJ set and a multi talented performance full of energy and humour.

Jon-Paul kept us entertained for over 6 hours in an enthusiastic, well thought out set which kept the evening flowing as he changed between singing and being the DJ at The Princess in Maybury. This fabulous, friendly, family orientated pub often has live singers and bands, and Jon-Paul is always a favourite among those who were lucky enough to go to school with him or who just like a really good, live singer.

It takes an excellent, professional entertainer to keep the evening going for such a long time and the whole pub was still alive and kicking at 1:30 am as we filled the dance floor and did what we do best and danced, in true Woking style, to mod, ska and reggae music until we finally let our local boy put down the mike.

Jon-Paul is a natural showman and never disappoints, he has perfected his act and sings with a strong and versatile vocal which lends itself to many genres of music. The humour which weaves through his performance makes the audience connect with him and he always performs with natural ease and a smile.

If anyone needs to book an excellent, professional singer,  then they should go to

Jon-Paul Bradshaw and two of his groupies 😃

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