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Filofax uses.... Index/ Addresses/Websites

My large collection of Filofaxes have many uses, I tend to use them instead of notebooks. As all good Filofax collectors know, there is always a reason to use another planner, and if you haven’t got a reason, you will think of one.

The three I am going to highlight today are all ones I have mentioned in discussions on the Philofaxy site on Facebook. 

Firstly, I want to talk about my Filofax index. I use my gorgeous orange Metropol, compact, personal for this. I realised that as I have so many Filofaxes it is hard to remember where everything is. Having an index makes it so much quicker to look up things without pulling out lots of Filofaxes. Of course I do remember what most are used for but not all.

The first page has an index to show me where the different sections are. There are sections, 1-6 and each section has several headings, For example, section 1 includes addresses, blog, books and computer info.

Each numbered section has a different page for each heading. On each page I list any Filofaxes that have that subject and which Filofax they are in. For example, the address page lists my address Filofax and my websites Filofax.

(Both Filofaxes will be featured in this blog piece.)

This is such a quick and easy way to quickly access anything I have in a Filofax. This could also be used in the front of a Filofax which contains a lot of information. The simplest ways are often the best and an A-Z/numbered basic index is easy to devise or use. If you have a lot of information you can do sub-indexes or sub-headings to break the information down further. It’s also easy to add to or re-do a page where necessary. This incidentally, has always been one of the best features of the Filofax/ring planner system. I hate mistakes and crossing out on a written page and so can re-do a page whenever I want.

Note the fabulous musical note button
One of the best uses for a Filofax, (apart from a diary, of course) is an address book. People change their address, phone number, email, etc, all the time. This makes for a very messy address book. With a Filofax you can take out the page and replace it leaving no crossing out or mistakes.

 I currently use my lilac, personal songbird as my address book.  It is a good size and has lots of card slots in the front for any business cards I have been given. I also have added a clear card pocket at the back for extra cards.

Obviously I don’t want to show actual addresses, but I use an ordinary A-Z system and list people by surname and businesses by the start of the business name.


The last of my lovely Filofaxes to feature today, is my website Filofax. To be honest it needs updating because I am so bad at remembering to add every good website. This will be rectified soon as I am going to spend some time updating it.

For this I use the very lovely, burgundy Sketch in personal size. The dividers that came with it are fabulous autumnal colours and compliment the colour of the Sketch perfectly.

I currently only use the A-Z section but there is also a numbered section if I need it. I categorise types of website alphabetically, e.g. Filofaxes, music, books, fashion, etc. Having a good list of websites to hand is helpful. It is easy to forget the names of websites that you don’t use very often and it is good to go back to reliable sites.

I do have other Filofaxes/planners with different uses, and I will write about them all in due course. Below is a list of the Filofax related blog pieces I have done so far and where to find them. Incidentally, they have all been listed on Web finds previously.  

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